Check out our upcoming THROGA Retreats to meet up with our team in-person and other singers from various countries: “Singing Experience in Vegas,” “Discover Your Voice in Orlando,” and “Vocal Rejuvenation in Hawaii (coming soon).”

Balance Music International, a division of THROGA LLC, is now featuring new artists and contest singers from around the world. We are excited to introduce Alysha Percy, the “Voice of Dancelife Unite Australia”, and her single “Giants”. Learn more…

What is THROGA?

If you can talk, you can sing! We believe in celebrating the vocal qualities that makes us all unique, while working hard to improve our skills to achieve a healthy, strong, and well balanced instrument. This philosophy has led THROGA (throat-yoga) to be one of the fastest growing vocal training methods in the world, with vocalists applying its techniques in all 50 US States and over 100 countries around the globe. One of the reasons for its popularity is …  READ MORE