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Is singing in YOUR blood?

All too often, we hear someone sing a song amazingly well and become envious of his or her control or quality of sound, leaving us to feel inadequate. We then make reckless statements, such as “I could never sound like that,” or excuses like, “it’s in their blood,” to make ourselves feel better. Could these…

Breathe Baby Breathe!

The connection between breathing and singing may be obvious – but the way to improve them may not be. If you struggle with this issue it may be hard to believe, but developing a better voice/breath relationship can be as simple as asking for a better result when you sing. That’s because your breath will…

Why does Singing Sound Better in the Shower?

Singing is not only fun, it can rid you of physical and mental stress, instantly putting you in a better mood for the day. Unfortunately, our society has dragged this art form into an arena of competition, where it is often judged, mocked, and misunderstood. The fear of disapproval has driven hundreds of thousands of individuals to go…

Can anyone learn to sing?

Can Anyone Learn To Sing? The short answer to this question is; If you can talk, you can sing. I know, I know, it can’t possibly be THAT simple, can it? Allow me to elaborate… Singing has been a significant part of human history for as long as we’ve inhabited the earth. Historians and language experts all…