Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

The short answer to this question is; If you can speak, you can sing.

I know, I know, it can’t possibly be THAT simple, can it? Allow me to elaborate…

Singing has been a significant part of human history for as long as we’ve inhabited the earth. Historians and language experts all generally agree that singing, or forms of prosody (melody in speech), came well before any unified means of spoken language. Communicating empathy, warning, compassion or fear with the rise and fall of pitch, swift and elongated rhythmic intentions, and clearly expressed thoughts takes place in our every day life. This is the true definition of singing! It can be a mother humming random, soft, legato tones to soothe her child to sleep, or a startling grunt, traumatizing the vocal folds, in order to grab someone’s attention with authority. Either way, we connect. We speak. We sing.

Let me be clear. I am not suggesting that we all have the same innate, or nurtured, abilities to control our voices with a high degree of vocal acrobatics and consistency that many singers crave in modern society. Some of us, including myself, have to study and practice with great discipline to meet the public standard of what is generally excepted as “good”, let alone “great”. What used to be an open forum of family, friends and neighbors singing purely for the joy of singing, slowly evolved into a disciplined and competitive art form. Only recently (within the past 500 years!) has it exploded into a highly coveted means of acceptance and reverence in what is now known as the “music industry”.

Fear not. If you are reading this article because you long to free your voice, it already is! You have the ability to express yourself artistically, in this very moment, without standard. In other words, if singing feels easy, and it brings you peace within your soul, you have already achieved what most will spend an entire life trying to accomplish! On the other hand, if you find yourself unfulfilled, even when no one is around to cast judgement or criticize your voice, then it may be time to roll up your sleeves and discover what your true potential is!

There is an endless supply of vocal coaches and singing techniques around the world to guide you on this journey. In THROGA® (throat-yoga), we approach the voice from a multi-dimensional perspective, which incorporates specialized vocal exercises and guidelines to create balance within a singer’s foundation. This will allow you to ultimately express yourself in any way that you chose! If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of your voice and to improve your vocal (1) flexibility, (2) breathing, (3) intonation, (4) range, (5) tone, (6) articulation and (7) strength with the 7 Dimensions of Singing, check out the 7 Dimensions of Singing book or work with a Certified Throga Instructor directly online or in-person.