Ami Kawailani Gent is a lifelong vocalist. She has a wide range of experience in singing and the performing arts that include: receiving her education in classical singing beginning at age 12, attending Art schools, working with multiple professional and community theaters across the United States, and owning her own performing company Wish Entertainment since 2016.

Ami found Richard Fink IV and Throga in 2015. Since that time she has participated and mentored in every Vocal Retreat with Throga. Recently certified as an instructor, Ami is excited to help others achieve their vocal goals by teaching and coaching the Throga 7 Dimensions of Singing.

Studio Location

– Online (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom)
– St George, UT, USA

Private Lesson Rate

30 minute Lesson: $45
60 minute Lesson: $90

Discount Packages

(5) 30 Min. Lessons: $200 (SAVE $25)
(5) 60 Min. Lessons: $400 (SAVE $50)
(10) 30 Min. Lessons: $375 (SAVE $75)
(10) 60 Min. Lessons: $750 (SAVE $150)