Brigitte Krahn is a singer and musician from Paraguay. She has been singing ever since she can remember and started formally building her education at the age of 5, including guitar lessons, Classical piano, music theory and eventually cello. At the age of 16 she became a certified Music Theory and Classical Piano Teacher and she taught her first students shortly thereafter. Over the years, Brigitte spent countless hours developing her musicianship singing in choirs, bands, and as a soloist in churches, and both local and national showcases and competitions. As a pianist and cellist, she has been part of various musical groups, choirs and soloists, as well as classical, chamber and symphonic orchestras and contemporary bands. From day one, her voice was her favorite instrument, and she always searched for ways to further improve and develop her skills. In 2017, Brigitte found Richard Fink IV online and started taking lessons. Fascinated by how the Throga Technique helped her understand her instrument and provided a supportive community, she decided that this was something she wanted to be able to pass on to others as well. After intensive studies, Brigitte is now the only Certified Throga Instructor that teaches in 3 languages: English, German and Spanish. Currently, she is in the process of translating the #1 bestseller, 7 Dimensions of Singing – The Throga Technique, into German.

Studio Location

– Online (Skype and Facebook)
– Loma Plata, Paraguay

Private Lesson Rate

30 minute Lesson: $30
60 minute Lesson: $60

Discount Packages

Not Available