João Castilhos is a Connecticut native of Puerto Rican and Brazilian descent. He has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Cornell University (2003) and a master’s degree in education from Loyola Marymount University (2012). He is the author of the young adult novela, “Gifted” and the lead singer of the rock band “The Gringos”, which currently performs in Brazil, where João presently lives and enjoys working as an English teacher and translator. One of João’s recent projects was the translation of the “THROGA: Seven Dimensions of Singing” to Portuguese (Publishing date TBA), giving him the unique perspective of studying THROGA`S techniques through the art of translation and extended communication with it’s founder, Richard Fink IV.

Currently, Joao is the only THROGA vocal coach offering lessons in both English and Portuguese. His goals as an instructor are to provide practical knowledge, inspire interest in the subject, and motivate the student seek improvement not only inside, but outside of the classroom.

Private Lesson Rate

30 minute Lesson: $30
60 minute Lesson: $60

Discount Packages

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