Singing is not only fun, it can rid you of physical and mental stress, instantly putting you in a better mood for the day. Unfortunately, our society has dragged this art form into an arena of competition, where it is often judged, mocked, and misunderstood. The fear of disapproval has driven hundreds of thousands of individuals to go into hiding, with very few places where they feel they can truly be themselves, one of them being the shower.

Why the shower?  Certainly the acoustics are part of the equation.  From a technical perspective, it’s because most showers and bathrooms are made of flat, smooth, surfaces. As sound leaves your instrument (body) when vocalizing, frequencies bounce off the acoustically-beneficial surrounding, which echoes, amplifies, and enhances with layers of rich harmonic overtones. This, in turn, smoothes over many vocal imperfections and makes it easier to access your entire vocal range with less effort due to the brain not asking your vocal muscles to work harder in order to be heard.

However, there is more than just acoustics at play here.  It’s no coincidence that in the same space that you allow yourself to be naked and vulnerable with your self-image, that you are capable of singing with such freedom. In this environment, you aren’t competing to satisfy someone else’s taste in what they like to look at, just like you aren’t competing to satisfy someone else’s taste in what they like to listen to!

If singing in the shower truly satisfies your thirst for vocal performance.  Don’t change a thing!  Enjoy your voice and sing as dynamically as you can, for as long as you can.  If, on the other hand, you have a desire to experience the risk/reward of being vocally naked to the world, then spending time EVERY day practicing in the Vocal Gym (training your voice) will help you bridge your shower-singing skills on to the stage. If you’re not sure where to begin, download the THROGA App to explore free exercises or reach out to a vocal coach and start asking questions.