This course is being replaced with a new subscription-based program, to be launched January 1st, 2020, with continuously updated exercises, training interaction and feedback from live Certified Throga Instructors! Please JOIN OUR MAILING LIST if you’d like to be added to our newsletter for updates. Current subscribers can still login using the link below to download all of the course videos before the end of the year.

Are you ready to start your journey to vocal freedom and balance throughout your singing range? The THROGA Online Course for Singers includes 16 voice lessons with 34 videos, 32 downloadable MP3s and a Vocal Gym Journal to help you reach your goals!

THROGA’s creator, Richard Fink IV, will guide you every step of the way with a unique and innovative approach to vocal development, which will unlock new levels of vocal awareness. Whether you sing just for fun or your career depends on it, you will learn how to reach your potential starting at any age or skill level and provide you with the tools you need to develop even beyond the course.

“Whatever you’re doing…
it’s working!”

– Paula Abdul (Singer/Choreographer)
Grammy Winner / Multi-platinum Artist

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How Does It Work?

Once you subscribe, you will have life time access to all 16 lessons in the course. Each lesson and exercise targets specific dimensions of your voice! Not only will you be able to learn at your own pace, you will be able to revisit each lesson as often as you like for life! In addition, Richard will show you how to use the 7 Dimensions of Singing and THROGA Guidelines to maximize your results based on your current skills and coordination for singing. The formula is simple; the more balanced your voice is, the more choices you have as a singer. Best of all, you can try the first week’s lesson absolutely FREE! Here’s a quick look at just a few of the training exercises in this course:

Online Course for Singing

“This is the best way to keep your voice in check and in shape!! Check out THROGA and it will change your vocal life!”

– Craig Campbell (Singer/Songwriter)
Broken Bow Records

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Who is Richard Fink IV?

Richard is a 2x Guinness World Record breaker as a vocalist and labeled the “world’s leading online vocal coach” by the Wall Street Journal. With clients in over 100 countries, Richard has worked with multi-platinum selling artists, actors, public speakers, Broadway stars, and singers featured on DisneyNickelodeonThe Voice (US and AU), The X-Factor (US and AU), American IdolAmerica and Australia’s Got TalentMTVCMTThe Ellen DeGeneres ShowThe Tonight Show and many others.

What if I'm a complete beginner as a singer?

The beauty of singing is that ANYone can do it! Don’t get caught up in wether you have enough ‘natural’ skill to sing or not, and focus on what brought you to THROGA.com in the first place. As long as you have a desire to sing and are willing to work at it, this course can help you!

Can I try the course for free?

Yes! Simply chose the “FREE Trial” Option below and you will be able to explore the first lesson, download the MP3’s and watch the tutorial videos for 30 days.

Can I take the course on my phone or tablet?

Absolutely! You are able to access the course, watch the training videos and practice the MP3s on any desktop or wifi mobile device!

Will this course help me as a speaker?

Yes! Although speaking does not require following intended melodies like singing does, the act of creating sound and developing vocal flexibility, dynamics and articulation while making your emotional intentions clear, are essential in any successful verbal communication.

How long does it take to complete this course?

The course is set up so that you can learn at your own pace. However, it is recommended that you only do one lesson per week (for 16 weeks) to optimize your training for best results.

Can I cancel my subscription to the course?

If you chose the “4 Monthly Payments” Option below, you cancel your subscription at any time.

“No matter what talent, age, career – THROGA just makes instinctive sense. I will be recommending all of my clients to have a go and believe for themselves!”

– Jim Bostock (Bostock Institute)
Tony Robbins / Guy Sebastian

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